What height should my receiver hitch be to pull a trailer?

Having a receiver hitch at the wrong height can be very dangerous. A receiver hitch too high or too low will not provide the correct tongue weight distribution. The wrong weight distribution of a trailer can cause the trailer to sway back and forth on the road. Swaying can cause a hazardous driving situation for you and other drivers. Experts suggest a receiver hitch height of 18-20 inches. A trailer with less than 11 inches of clearance from the bottom of the loaded trailer to the ground can cause safety chains to drag, bottoming out when hitting a bump or scraping the road or a driveway. Although this is a good guide, the height can change based on a few factors including trailer type, trailer coupler position, and vehicle type. Trailers should be towed as level as possible with and without a load. The weight of the load should be distributed evenly over the axles of the trailer. There are many types of trailer receiver hitches such as straight, drops, and adjustable. At Load’em Up Trailers, we prefer the adjustable receiver hitches that allow for easy modifications and ensure an option for correct tow height.