SAT & SUN: 8AM–2PM


General Questions

Requirements for Renting

A valid driver's license, credit card, be at least 21 years of age and proper vehicle with insurance is required to rent our trailers.

After-Hour Drop Off

Equipment must be picked up and returned during open business hours. We do not offer after-hour drop-off.   We have no way to secure our equipment if left after hours.  The renter is responsible for the equipment until it is checked in by our staff.


A deposit is required to reserve and hold the rental equipment. Cash or credit card is accepted for payment. Payment is due in full at time of pick up. A credit card is required on file for incidentals.

Rental Charges

All daily rentals are for a 24 hour period. We do not have partial day rentals. Weekly rates are for 7 days, Monthly rates are for 30 days.


Deposits are refundable if the reservation is canceled 72 hours before the scheduled rental pickup. We ask that you reach out to us as soon as you know so we can try to recoup our lost rental costs. 

Early Returns

We hold your rental time for the time you reserved and paid for. We do not refund if the rental is returned early. 

Late Returns

Customers who return items past their scheduled return time will be charged an additional day. Please communicate if you are going to be late. 


Customers are responsible for returning the equipment in the condition they received it. We have insurance on all of our trailers. You can choose to use your insurance or pay our deductible of $2,500. The renter is responsible for flat or blown tires.


All trailers are maintained with wheel bearings replaced at 10,000 miles

Out of State Charges

We do allow for out of state travel. We do ask on our reservation form if the trailer will be going out of state. There are additional charges for traveling out of state due to additional mileage put on the trailers. If the trailer goes out of state and we are not notified prior, the renter will be responsible for .40 per mile in additional fees. Please ask for out of state pricing prior to taking the trailer out of state.

Brake Controllers

The trailer does have the option to have a trailer-mounted braking system upon request. There is no need to have a brake controller wired into the truck. Only available when required. If you have a brake controller in the vehicle, it will control the electric brakes of the trailer. The renter is responsible for ensuring proper brake controller settings.  The renter is financially responsible for tire replacement if tires are slid with flat spots due to the brake controller being set too high. 

One Way Rentals

We only have one location in Carver, MN, and rentals are required to be returned to this location by the renter.

Do you deliver?

Currently, we are not offering delivery service.